Not sure what type of fencing best suits your needs?  Here, we have the most commonly requested and used types of fencing for various species.


When choosing a horse fence, visibility and safety are necessities.  Barbed wire should be avoided as horses can become tangled in the thin, sharp wire causing significant injury.  Large-square woven wire (mesh) fencing should also be avoided because horses' hooves can get caught in the large holes and lead to injury.

Many of our customers request, and are greatly satisfied with our PVC, vinyl horse rail, "no-climb" woven wire, split rail, and board fence.  Our "no-climb" woven wire has small 2" x 4" spaces which are narrow enough to prevent hooves from getting caught.

Please visit our fence page to view more information on each of these options!


The main priority when fencing in dairy cows and beef cattle is containment.  The vast majority of our dairy cow and beef cattle customers have electrified high tensile wire installed.  Since cows are notorious for challenging and running through fences, our high-powered chargers provide a shocking deterrent to stop even the most persistent cow. 

Our high tensile wire fences are an economical option that will last for decades with minimal maintenance.  Once installed, we recommend that you inspect the perimeter of your high tensile fence at least once annually, and purchase a simple Fence Tester to measure the voltage running through the wire.  Many times, weak voltage is thought to be caused by a faulty fence charger when, in reality, a tree branch may have fallen in a back pasture or weeds and grass have grown to entangle the wire, draining the power.

As with all our high tensile fences, we can customize the number of strands to suit your needs.  We also sell and install a fence charger powerful enough to electrify your fence with enough voltage to create a secure perimeter.


When fencing these species, the 2 main goals are to keep your animals contained and predators out.  The most effective options to achieve these goals are woven wire and electrified high tensile wire.

Our woven wire is available with various sized spaces or holes, including 2x4" and 4x4".  For maximum predator prevention, we also install woven wire with tighter spaces on the bottom, gradually increasing in size to the top.

When using electrified high tensile wire our sheep and goat fences are often installed using up to 10 strands.  We can install the wires nearest the ground closer together to prevent predators (like coyotes) from sneaking through.

If you prefer a more visible, statement fence, split rail and board fencing can also be used in conjunction with electrified fencing options or woven wire to keep your sheep or goats in and predators out.


As dog owners, we understand the importance of giving your four-legged friend a safe and secure environment to live and play in.  Using our 2" x 4" woven wire fencing, we can provide a custom fence in your backyard to give you peace of mind by knowing that your dogs will be safely contained in their environment.  Whether you live in town or way out in the country, we have the necessary equipment to navigate your property.

DEER, etc.

Whether you have a deer farm requiring us to fence deer in, or a garden or tree farm that you would like nuisance deer to be fenced out of, we have the experience to install an effective fence for your needs.  Since deer are excellent jumpers, all our deer fences are at least 7 feet tall and are typically made of woven wire but may also be built with electrified high tensile wire.  Since deer will also try crawling under fences, we can bury our woven wire under ground to prevent deer from crawling out or in.

We have also installed fencing to contain elk and bison!  If you have an exotic species you'd like to contain, contact us today for a custom fence to ensure your animals are given a happy, reliable, and safe environment.